Smelly myths about the composting toilet

Yes, it smells!

I wanted to write a note on the good and bad parts of having a composting toilet. Mine is a Separett Villa 9200 and I have it in use since august 2017, so almost one year now.

To my surprise there are moments when the waste in the toilet smelled. And in a tiny house of less than 20 square meters, it hits you pretty fast.

Possible factors:

  • The bucket was full – No. It smelled even with the fresh bucket sack after 1-2 uses
  • The toilet was not clean-Not the case. I clean it regularly, outside and inside
  • The detergents I used to clean the toilet with were not strong enough- Not the case. I used both organic detergents made of mostly vinegar and strong bathroom cleaners
  • The toilet ventilation was not always in use – True, but this was not a problem before
  • I have changed my diet 🙂 – Not the case
  • I use the wrong saw dust to cover the poop- Maybe. So let me develop.

Saw dust was the problem

When I have tried everything and the saw dust was the last thing I could change, I started using a finer-powdery dust. And it seemed to help a lot.


Things I do not particularly like about the composting toilet

Hot days -Nevertheless, in hot days, the ventilator needs to run 24/7, otherwise you would not dare invite any guests in your tiny house

Cleaning – It is not the easiest thing to clean, because it has all the small narrow spaces, compartments and corners that never seem to get perfectly cleaned up.

Time saving – Compared to a flushing toilet its takes much more time to clean and you need to do it more often

Smells – The poop sack sometimes breaks and leaves odors in the air and impregnates in the plastic bucket. This smell is hard to get rid off, especially of the plastic container.




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