Issues with the tiny house trailer!

How the tiny house trailer looks after less than one year of use

Sadly but true, my tiny house did not have the best of luck when it came to its trailer. This is how my trailer looked, after 6 months. The pictures were taken in February 2018.

But let me tell you the story

In 2016-2017 I  have researched the internet for months for resources of tiny house trailer producers in Europe that had reviewed and entrusted products.

In July 2017, I  have bought the trailer from one of the companies owned by the manufacturer of my tiny house, Eco Tiny House, Romania.  They did not build it, but bought it themselves from a Hungarian company, called Kalydi Trade Kft, that produces trailers. They gave 1 year warranty for the tiny house trailer and they were my choice because I wanted to have a lower carbon print.

Let me explain.

Initially I wanted to buy the trailer from Mindful Homes in Holland, which was a verified trailer source and indeed, a mindful seller. But due to the fact that my tiny house was about to be build in Romania, I thought of finding a trailer manufacturer, closer to eastern Europe. The price was the same.

I have entrusted my trailer choice into the hands of the Hungarian producer and paid a fair amount of  euros for a trailer that started to decay in less than 6 months of use. Need to mention that I have moved my house twice all this time. The first time when I brought it from the factory to the village I live in now and it was a 240 km ride. And the second time, when I changed the garden I have parked it in, which was a 100 meter ride. Other than this, my tiny house was parked all the time, and stood still in a normal courtyard. Was not hit by outrageous pebble, sand or ice storms, nor other extreme natural disasters.

The trailer I have bought has electrostatic coating, so it is not galvanized, which I was assured by the seller, would be enough and will protect the trailer for a long time. Had I known the trailer would not be what it promised to be, I would have, at least, built the tiny house with the system that allowed it to detach it easily from the trailer so that I can fix the issues of the trailer. Instead, I built it fixed on the trailer. Now, in order to repair or replace the trailer, the house needs to be removed from the trailer, which implies high risks of damage. The thing is also, that the damages could be visible, but most likely not visible and produce effects in time.

The only solution the trailer seller offered was,  to tow the house back to the factory and have it removed from the trailer, by their team, on my cost. And they will repair the trailer on their cost. Funny thing, they say: “they have sold me a simple trailer, and it was my choice to put a house on it, so I need to deal with that”. But funnier is that on the receipt the product is described as “Mobile house trailer”.

So dear tiny house fans: choose your trailer company wisely. Make sure it has a fair “after – sale” customer support policy, make sure they have experience in building tiny house trailers and understand how important this is to you. As it is not “another trailer”, but the foundation of your home.

For more info regarding tiny house trailer producers in Europe, check my other post.

I think it is very important that we share our good and bad experiences regarding tiny house trailers in the Tiny House Community so that we spare the tiny house fans of the trouble and help promote good quality trailer manufacturers.

Best of luck!



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