Ecological detergents? Oh yes!

Since I dwell the tiny house on wheels I, all of a sudden, started to buy exclusively ecological detergents. I cannot say why. Maybe it comes with the territory and with a responsible attitude towards nature and its resources, maybe its the mindful living.

How our grandmothers did it

But we all know that our grandmothers cleaned their homes beautifully long before cleaning products could be found in shops. How? They produced their detergents at home: home made soap, cleaning liquid for glass surfaces (made of vinegar + water), old fashioned homemade laundry detergent (borax, baking soda, washing soda, grated soap).

Why to go for BIO

Anyways, today all my home detergents are bio. The work the same wonders as the classical ones and over that, they:

  • are nature friendly
  • protect my hands
  • protect my airways
  • keep chemicals away from the surfaces
  • are biodegradable

Where to find Bio detergents

Nowadays, you can find bio detergents everywhere online or in shops over Europe like DM or Bipa.

In Romania there is a national brand called Farmec that produce world-renowed cosmetics and recently started producing a line of bio detergents that I like a lot. They are not much more expensive than the classical detergents and are so friendly to use.


Let me know what bio detergents do you like to use.



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