How did I get to live in a tiny house on wheels

I wanted a home and I didn’t know where I want it. So I needed one to take with me, until that question was answered. Maybe I will never live fixed and rooted in one place. Maybe I will travel from one place to another all my life. I am used to being a beginner because I have been a beginner so many times in the past. I am also used to live outside my comfort zone, because I have challenged myself to live out of it since, as a child, I saw patterns of life, that repeated themselves, day by day. I didn’t want my life to be boring. Even if sometimes I did silly things to spice things up, it was worth it.

I was often called silly, nuts, out of my head, crazy, joyful without limits..and I feel that  each day, even if it looks the same like the last, it has so many things to reveal to you, if you only keep your eyes and heart open.

I have an academic background and worked in managing positions with the same enthusiasm as I did  in cleaning, feeding birds or cooking jobs, in volunteering programs.

I want to work with elderly, children and animals. I want to be outdoors all my life. I want to feel the cold, the sun, the sea breeze and the rain. I do not want to live protecting myself from dangers that keep me away from living.

Building a tiny house and living in it was just another exercise of daring. And I never thought I am not like the others, because I never compared myself to anyone else but myself.

What I do for a living

For 11 years, I worked as a military journalist for the Romanian government, then had my own human resources company, then I was a fundraiser for United Way, then took a managing role for a multinational company. One day in March 2013, one morning to be precise, I was sitting on a chair in an airport..don’t remember if it was Madrid or Stuttgart. I was waiting for my next plane to take me to another meeting. And I thought:

‘Is this the life you wanna live?’ The answer was ‘No’ and it was straight away.  And although I was traveling  all the time with my job, and met different people from different cultures every week, I felt empty and voided of myself. Speed traveling is not my style. I knew I wanted to see the world on foot, to take small steps, to talk to locals in remote villages, to understand their way, their differences and to learn from them, from life. And I decided to become a teacher. My very own teacher.

I resigned the next day, smiled to my boss who said -‘I’ll wait for you six months to come back. I hope you do’. Although I loved the people I worked with and my boss was a dear friend, I felt very clearly that I will not return to a 9-17.00 job.

I so left to Austria, to live in the Alps.

The first year I did cleaning jobs, front desk to guesthouses, then I became a photographer and worked for a studio that did events. Soon, the desire to stay close to the mountains made me sign up to a Ski Instructor Certification in Tirol. I passed and I am teaching skiing ever since.  It is the best thing I did in my life, profesionaly speaking.


Why? you may ask. Well,  because I work with children, I get the chance to teach them courage and tell them they are slope heroes and I get to see winter days trough their eyes. I never want to forget how it is to be a little girl. And I believe that regardless, of the years that will pass by, I will always have and feel the true colors of my inner child. Its the best side of us.


What else do I do?

YS3A1907I travel. I was born ready to go. I am always searching for places that have a load of mistery, unrevealed beauty or extreme contrasts – always away from tourist tracks.

My way is the slow way. Take time. Ask the locals in the Ionian Islands where they bathe, where is the best spot to see turtles hatching, where the locals in Algarve  dive in the Atlantic- where is the cheapest, filthiest bar they gather around in, which are the local stories (who kissed who, and shouldn’t have 🙂 ) ….these are the life lessons I taught myself and wanna keep teaching (

I write stories of life, of real life. And also, every now and then, stories for children. I am no famous published author. But writing I love.

What makes me happy?

Oh, I am easy to please. If you want to make me happy:

  • buy me an expedition
  • buy me a shawl
  • take me on a motorcycle ride
  • or pass me a child over the phone that says: Hi Gabi, how are you?