I am born in Transylvania and live in a tiny house on wheels in Romania, since august 2017. My tiny house is on  a 6.6 m /2.44 m trailer, has a loft, a 2.2m kitchen, a gas stove, a small bathroom with a composting toilette and a reading nook – with its notorious round window.


I am a dreamer and a believer that we were given this life to make the most of it and to become the best version of ourselves.

I gave up the idea that one should be employed because this is the way. That one should replicate the social life models of others..because this is the way.

I have found my own way and listening to my inner voice, I have decided to travel as much as I can, and be free from possessions that imprison me or limit my freedom of movement in any way.

This is why I live in a tiny house on wheels now. This is why I am a digital nomad, a photographer, writer and will hopefully be an inspiration.

The life I live is free and this is an empowering spiritual feeling, but it also brings along loneliness, at times. So, living differently is not for everyone.

If you are reading this blog maybe you have already decided it is, or wondering if it will be.

One way to find out is always to TRY!


My Tiny Atlas