Five questions you need to ask yourself before going tiny

Q #1– Can I live in a tiny space?

If you were accustomed to 4-6 rooms apartments, or your parents have a grand house where you need to text your mom if you want to know what’s for dinner- then you might need a second or two, to think before moving into one tiny open space that has it all.

Kitchen – Living space-Working space in one room of 10-12 m² (107-130 ft²), a small bathroom of 2-4 m² (21-42 ft²) and a sleeping space of 4 m² (42 ft²).

Advise: tour a few tiny houses to have a real-life feeling about this space. It will be love at first sight or not.


Q #2 – Do I really need to go tiny?

Going tiny means simplifying your life, having less space, less things, needing to be efficient in organizing your assets and the storage space.

If you don’t know if tiny life is for you or not, then the reasons why you would go tiny are:

  • You want to have your own space to live, rent-free.

Buying or building a tiny house can help you become financially independent and stay away from paying 20-30 years for a house

  • You transfer jobs often

Instead of having to give up your apartment, which you spent energy and love furbishing, you can take your entire tiny house with you. No need to worry about finding another place to rent, signing contracts and moving your things up and down the stairs.

  • You want to live closer to nature and away from city hustle

You would like a house with a garden but cannot afford it. Other options are living in a tent for a while or renting a piece of land where you can park your tiny house. If you own the land, is even better. You can put your tiny on any land for it doesn’t need building permits.

  • You want to downsize

You have been spending money on too many things that you don’t need lately? So many people that don’t have them would be happy to use them, so downsize, share, make presents. Put those things at good use and keep only what you really need.

Having less, means less worries and also it will be easier to locate your things in two closets than in five.

  • You want to live environmentally conscientious, because tiny houses produce less construction waste and need less maintenance
  • You want to travel and change locations often

Your life likes the road, you are a digital nomad, or are not bothered by living in the outskirts of your city. Or you want to travel and take your tiny with you. Possible –it’s just that you will only be able to travel with about 50-70 km/h (31-43 miles per hour). Slow traveling is amazing so if “that slow” is your cup of tea, why not.

  • You want live off grid with solar panels, composting toilette, rain water

Tiny houses are notorious for saving a lot on maintenance costs. Imagine investing in a photovoltaic kit and reducing your electricity bills to minimum and sometimes never paying any. The sun and the light provide nature with life. It does the same for your tiny.

For water you will need a source. You cannot rely only on rain. But the good side is that once you live in a tiny house your water consumption will be more mindful. And so will, everything you do in this space. It’s the “tiny” effect.

Q #3 – Do I have a place where to park my tiny?

Maybe you have your own piece of land, maybe you have a friend who does and is willing to rent it to you, maybe you consider buying one. You wont need much, but you need to check the local regulations to make sure there are no restrictions to parking a tiny house on that specific location. Usually, there aren’t.

But you will also want to have neighbors close by, especially if you live alone in a wild life populated area – let’s just mention that.

Q #4 – Are you ready to live remote or in tiny house villages?

You cannot park a tiny house between two flats or lets put it this way: finding a place to park your tiny in the city is not going to be easy. Not impossible, but not at hand.

Tiny houses usually rest in the outskirts, villages, somewhere in the middle of nature- away from sight. This means, no neighbor door to knock on asking for sugar and maybe no help when you have a flat tire.

Also those nights when you want to go out and come back by subway will be gone. You will need to drive your car or go by cab.

Q #5 – Are you ready to downsize?

My favorite one.

Can you live with just what you need? What does this mean?

Well it may mean, 10 t-shirts, 5 trousers, 10 pairs of socks instead of 30, as many spoons and forks as you and your guests could make use of. No more, “mother in law bought me a 48 Inox cutlery set, for who knows when we might need it” and so on.

This also means that from now on, you will purchase more mindfully and your shopping behavior changes drastically.

In the beginning for one reason only. You have no space where to put it! Your house doesn’t get any bigger and you have no place to put a new closet in.

And then you are more mindful about the clothes you have but never wear, about your shoes, books, boxes with things “who knows when you might need” and your friends will love you more. Because you will be more generous.



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